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Florian Kromer
6 min readJan 14, 2024

Get the template “Astro Small Business” here.


You might ask… why is there the need for yet another website theme out there? There are hundreds of them available. You are totally right. I asked the exact same thing before I started the effort of creating an own theme.

I was looking for a theme for developing the relaunch of the website for my sisters small, part time business. It’s the typical situation of thousands of developers and web development agencies.

What made me unhappy about the status qou of themes:

  • There was no single theme available which provided integration with functionality you need if you want to run a website in Germany (or any other country inside the EU) with relatively strict consumer data privacy regulations. In Germany it’s about the Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO) which is an adoption of the European Union General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR). In other regions like U.S. California it’s about California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) or in U.S. Virginia it’s about the Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA). As more countries are adopting the E.U. consumer protection rights this list will continue to grow pretty sure.
  • The majority of themes lack functionality which is fundamental for small businesses from a business point of view. Examples are e.g. the feature to display the business location on a map. This is important cause customers need to know how long it could take them to get to the practice, haircutter or whatever else offering a service in a fixed location. There was not a single theme available with integration with a GDPR compliant email newsletter service. The list goes on…
  • Themes focus on design. This is not bad by intention. But it makes it harder and more expensive than required to customize or individualize a theme for a specific customer. A lot of small business don’t have the budget to pay an agency to customize a theme to their own needs.

My conclusion was:

Why should I spend money on a theme which just does the “shiny stuff” but will not help me in solving the most fundamental problems when it comes to setting up a website which is really valuable for a business?

The requirements

The requirements for my sisters business are typical for small, part-time businesses which provide their service in a fixed location.

  • The website is the public “business card”. Means it should appear professional. It needs to be reputable first, “shiny” second.
  • Cause it shall be reputable it needs to be compliant with German data privacy regulations.
  • The website shall integrate with a cookie consent management service.
  • The website shall integrate with an email newsletter service.
  • The website shall link more dynamic content like an Instagram account.
  • The hosting of the website shall be cheap. Ideally for free.
  • The services the website integrates with shall be cheap. Ideally they should be free.
  • The website should be easy to build and easy to maintain. Easy means also cheap here…
  • The website should be easy to customize (e.g. theme colors).
  • The website should be fast.
  • The website should be

The tech stack

In the past I used a lot of technologies already… plain HTML + CSS + little JS “sprinkling”, WordPress, Typo3, static site generators, Gatsby, …

I came to the conclusion that, at the time of writing, the best fit could probably be:

  • Astro → Easiest framework in the wild for “building” a website with little need for JavaScript interactivity. Follows the HTML + CSS first, JavaScript second (if at all) approach.
  • daisyUI → Get’s rid of the TailwindCSS boilerplate uglyness when it comes to components. Easy to use. Reduces the amount of CSS code required significantly. It’s free.
  • TailwindCSS → Widely used, easy to find someone which can take over maintenance of the website.

Astro — The minimalist web framework

Astro is a great web framework to develop pragmatic websites. Let Astro speak fot itself…

Astro features.

The concept of islands makes Astro extremly fast. This helps in getting good SEO and a great user experience.

Visualization of the islands concept.

Astro is

If you want to customize and extend the template for your ownwebsite it’s easy to get done. Astro provides a ton of integrations. You’ll find everything… from integrations for CMSes to SEO.

Tailwind CSS + daiysUI — The minimalist CSS framework

Tailwind CSS is the most widely used and most loved CSS framework. However Tailwind CSS has an significant disadvantage. It leads to a lot of CSS boilerplate in HTML.

Luckily there is a solution to the problem: daisyUI.

When it comes to CSS boilerplate the impact of using daisyUI instead of plain TailwindCSS is significant. Here are just some examples. For experienced developers this is not really an issue due to code completion and intellisense. But for some website owner having only some little HTML and CSS background but motivated to maintain the website himself it is.

The CSS boilerplate required for a button with TailwindCSS.
Minimal CSS required for an equivalent button when using daisyUI.

daiysUI makes it extremely easy to customize and individualize a website using one or several (e.g. light + dark mode) themes. My website theme uses the corresponding CSS classes and adapts it’s look automatically.

daisyUI theme genrator.

Data privacy

The topic of data privacy gets relevant if you want to develop a website for visitors from the European Union and California (or other regions where restrictive data privacy regulations need to be considered). The template integrates with services which are GDPR compliant by design or with services which allow easy achievement of GDPR compliance.

Cookie consent management

To satisfy the requirement for cookie consent tracking the template integrates with the cookie consent management service CCM19. It’s a germany based service provider and GDPR compliant.

If you want to use some other service provider instead it’s easy to swap the integration by swapping the corresponding Astro component in the template.

Email newsletter

Email newsletters are interesting for almost all small businesses. To support this feature the template integrates the email newsletter service provider Maildroppa. Maildroppa is GDPR compliant by design as well and has a pretty fair pricing approach.

If you want to use another service provider instead you are happy to swap the corresponding Astro component with your custom, own component.

Website analytics

For website analytics the template intergrates the privacy-by-design service Umami is GDPR compliant by design. User statistics are not stored on a per user basis but anonymiced instead.

Show me examples…

Where can I get the template?

Get the template “Astro Small Business” here.

You’ll get the current version of the template as .zip compressed file send via email within 1 day after purchase. If you are a website development agency and want to use it to create websites for your customers please get in contact with me. We’ll agree on a specific pricing.

Feature requests

If you’ve some feedback w.r.t. a feature the template misses feel free to get back to me. In case I come to the conclusion it could be helpful to a lot of other developers as well or if I could use it as well I’ll think about adding it.