Solus Budgie

The probably most usuable linux distribution for home users.

About my Linux usage history

Home user Linux distributions

The Budgie desktop

Ubuntu Budgie Main Screen
Solus Budgie
Solus Gnome
Solus Mate
Solus Plasma
Solus Budgie Raven Sidebar

Pre-installation steps

Run Solus Budgie as live session

>>Checking Media Presence......
>>Media Present......
>>Start PXE over IPv4 on MAC: <SOME-MAC-ADRESS>
Installation — boot device selection
Installation — Secure boot enabled
BIOS setup — Disable secure boot
Solus OS live session


Installation — Language
Installation — Location
Installation — Keyboard
Installation — Timezone
Installation — Disks
Installation — Disk configuration
Installation — System Settings
Installation — Users (1/2)
Installation — Users (2/2)
Installation — Summary (1/2)
Installation — Summary (2/2)
Installation — Install Solus
Installation — Complete
Solus Budgie Login screen

To be continue

Software Developer for rapid prototype or high quality software with interest in distributed systems and high performance on premise server applications.

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