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  • Ryan Chou

    Ryan Chou

    i like programming :) Website: https://ryanchou-dev.github.io/ryan/

  • ONNC


    The Open Neural Network Compiler (ONNC), a compiler that connects Open Neural Network Exchange Format (ONNX) to every deep learning accelerator (DLA).

  • Maurits Kaptein

    Maurits Kaptein

    I am professor at Tilburg University working on bandits, causality, and Bayesian inference with various applications. I also care about AI & ML deployment.

  • Steven F. Lott

    Steven F. Lott

    Programmer. Writer. Whitby 42 Sailor.

  • Jeff Hale

    Jeff Hale

    I write about data science. Join my Data Awesome mailing list to stay on top of the latest data tools and tips: https://dataawesome.com

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